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Glucoscanner, the new non-invasive biosensor for blood glucose levels, working through optical technology and signal processing methods, has been developed.

GlucoScanner, in fact, does not require any invasive procedure such as continuous finger pricking, avoiding arm patches and additional costs for disposal products.

Reserve your

$ 150

Donate a Glucoscanner Biosensor for someone who cannot afford one

Advance reservation and
beta tester required

(Reservation reccomended due to limited production capacity)

First Reservation Group & Beta Tester

The first 3,000 reservations will pay $353 (including the reservation value) for the Glucoscanner Biosensor. This price includes one years subscription fees.

Beta testing is needed to finetune the performance of the Glucoscanner Biosensor. Please read our disclaimer before placing your reservation.

At reservation
Pay ONLY $150

First Reservation

3,000 subscribers will pay $353 for a Glucoscanner Biosensor including one year of subscription fees.
Beta Testers will do little more that what he/she usually does in their normal testing procedure.
The Beta Tester needs only to test their blood glucose with their usual pricking device and compare the result with the Glucoscanner. Both data must be send to us to be evaluated. Three data sets per day, every day, is the minimum requirement. 30 days of data will qualify you to be a Beta Tester. Beta Testers must avoid sending fake data. In order to verify all data, the Glucoscanner mobile app. must be used for sending all data.
The Glucoscanner Biosensor is a completely non invasive device. Absolutely no pricking is required when testing with the Glucoscanner.

Become a Beta Tester

We require 1,000 Volunteer Beta Testers. The beta testers will be selected from amongst the first 3,000 reservations received.

Become a Beta Tester

We require 1,000 Volunteer Beta Testers. The beta testers will be selected from amongst the first 3,000 reservations received.

Second Reservation Group

This group will pay $397 (including the reservation value) for the Glucoscanner Biosensor. This price includes six months of subscription fees.

Please read our disclaimer before placing your reservation.

At reservation
Pay ONLY $150

Second Reservation

7,000 subscribers will pay $397 for a Glucoscanner Biosensor including six months of subscription fees.
We are not a big pharmaceutical or medical device company. We are a small, independent research laboratory, based in Japan and have limited production capacity for the year 2021. All initial Biosensor production will be allocated to those who have reserved their Glucoscanner Biosensor in advance.
From 2022, Biosensor production volume will increase with Biosensor prices and subscription fees as per the values indicated on our subscription plan page.

Services And Subscriptions

(Excluding Reservations)


GlucoScanner Biosensor Is a stand-alone biosensor which is used to collect the data to send to the server.


does not work without a subscription plan






  • Free APP

Donate a Glucoscanner Biosensor for someone who cannot afford one

How it Works

The Glucoscanner blood glucose sensor is a stand-alone biosensor which collects data and sends this to a server for evaluation and analysis. We will operate three servers, in three different geographical localities worldwide in order to satisfy the different privacy policy requirements of those who subscribe to this service.

The primary software, which analyzes the data coming from the Glucoscanner Biosensor, is housed on the server, not on the biosensor. Therefore, in order to use this blood glucose monitoring service, the user must sign up for a subscription. The Glucoscanner Mobile App (a free application that can be downloaded from Internet) will enable data to be transferred for analysis and the reporting of results. The App will display a series of data, including,
glucose levels, bit-rate, oxygen as well as others.

Simply place one of your fingers in the Glucoscanner biosensor. Data collected is sent to the server closest to the area where the customer is located. Within seconds the server returns the appropriate glucose value and the results can be seen on the mobile App.

Breakthrough Technology

There are many claims about non-invasive devices, however, as small as you can make needles and micro needles they still do not count as non-invasive.

GlucoScanner employs non-standard light frequencies in the infrared spectrum. We at Dynamic Brain Lab in Tokyo have developed a new way to assess tissue light absorption data. Further, the device combines light absorption information with other physiological data and individual physical features; thus, allowing the research team to solve some of the well-known problems linked to optical technology, such as differences in skin pigmentations. A simple automated calibration procedure performed on individuals’ fingers will guide the user through the GlucoScanner setup in order to optimize the device performance. To the best of our knowledge, thanks to our innovative technologies and experience with modern data analysis methods, preliminary GlucoScanner evaluation of blood glucose levels already shows a higher accuracy than any other non-invasive optical device.

GlucoScanner prototypes have so far been tested in the range of 80mg to 530mg/dL. The DBL team has already performed two experiments with the general public, inviting over 100 subjects in the Tokyo area. Glucoscanner is a revolutionary product for the millions of people daily struggling with diabetes. Now, measuring glucose levels will be painless and also do away with the additional burden and cost of disposable ancillary products. Lowering the expense incurred to measure blood glucose levels will mean that people, who could not until now afford the test strip method, will be able to effectively monitor their blood glucose levels, and potentially live a healthier life. Monitoring blood glucose is necessary to control body weight, to optimize workout activities, and finally to help people age with a healthier body and healthier mind.


A healthier life for everybody, not just for those with diabetes!

Core Features



The first device that completely eliminates any kind of needles, thanks to optical sensors working through the skin.


We are developing a mobile App. and data services so you can monitor your health, share your condition with your close ones, and also notify them in the case of a crisis.


We developed a completely new technology. Our device will be the first,
non-invasive device for measuring the blood glucose.


Connect your GlucoScanner to your smart-phone, collect all the data you can to enable you to live a healthier life.


We are aiming to gather and share global data on diabetes to provide better insights for the scientific community, to improve understanding the lifestyles of diabetics, enable prevention of crises or undesired side-effect of abnormal blood glucose levels.


Not only glucose! Monitor other body parameters, such as heart rate and blood oxygenation, for both clinical and fitness purposes.

Our Glucose Evaluation

We become aware of the pain, hassle and expense problems related to the self monitoring of glucose levels on a daily basis. We therefore started to explore the technology that enables non-invasive monitoring and controlling of blood glucose.
We compared our results with an over-the-counter (OTC) glucometer that requires users to prick their fingers and deliver a drop of blood on a test strip.

In this demonstration our prototype outcome is 109mg/dL. If we consider the glucose value of 114 mg/dL to be reference value, then our glucose measurement would be in compliance with FDA guidelines. We make similar tests in our laboratory daily, mostly on ourselves, and if there is an opportunity we test friends, colleagues and occasionally paid outside subjects.

Technical Progression

“We cannot expect things to change if we keep doing the same things.” The crisis is the greatest blessing for people and nations, because the crisis brings progress. Creativity comes from anxiety as the day comes from the dark night. E ‘in the crisis that is inventiveness, discoveries and great strategies. Who overcomes crisis overcomes himself without being ‘passed’. Who gives the crisis its failures and difficulties, violent his own talent and gives more value to the solutions to the problems. The real crisis is the crisis of incompetence. ‘Inconvenience of people and nations is the laziness in seeking solutions and ways out. Without crisis there are no challenges, without challenges life is a routine, a slow agony. Without crisis there is no merit. In crisis emerges the best of each, because without crisis all winds are only mild breezes. Talk of crisis means increasing it, and be silent in the crisis is to exalt conformism. Instead, we work hard. Let us stop, once and for all with the only dangerous crisis, which is the tragedy of not being willing to overcome.” — Albert Einstein

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.
Once we accept our limit, we go beyond them.

Our team

Nicola Grieco (CEO)
Ruggero Micheletto (Ph.D. in Physics)

(Professor at Yokohama City University)
(Dept. of Nanosystem Sciences)

Scott Cummings

(Business Strategy & Communication)

Giuseppe Contini

(Computer Science Engineers)

Jun Ueda

(Senior Adviser)

Kaoru Goldie

(Public Affairs Liaison)



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